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Complete Framing Packages

For those customers who prefer to rely on a single source for all of their framing materials, SCS works cooperatively with other suppliers and manufacturers. This way, SCS is able to provide building products as part of a complete package.

Floor Trusses

SCS manufactures floor trusses for all types of applications. Engineered floor trusses offer superior spanning capability and can accommodate unique design and loading situations like no other framing product. Floor trusses are a cost-effective way to clean up messy mechanical and utility drops. Additionally, SCS floor trusses are quickly installed in the field.

Roof Trusses

SCS manufactures roof trusses for all types of applications to provide quality shelter for our nation’s homes, businesses and gathering places. Roof trusses are a key component in the overall design of a building’s interior ceiling as well as that of the exterior shell.

Panelized Systems

SCS manufactures wall panels per specifications allowing for optimum erection speed and better control of material costs on the job site. Using a whole-house engineering concept, SCS can assist with the structural design and integration of roof, floor and wall components.

Engineered Wood Products

SCS has a complete line of residential and commercial grade I-joist products available as well as beams and LVLs. Using SCS as a supplier of EWP helps ensure that your project is designed properly and not just thrown together without consideration for structural integrity.

Simpson Strong Tie™

SCS is a distributor for all Simpson Strong-Tie connectors and hardware and we have great prices! SCS will gladly provide quotes for your non-truss hardware items.

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